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Octagon London is a lovingly crafted recording studio nestled in the heart of brixton. our FOcus is twofold - to capture beautiful recordings and to develop artists and their creative projects.

We invite you to collaborate with our community of talented producers, writers and engineers.



Our setup comprises three modular suites, adaptable for a variety of uses from small recording and writing sessions to large scale musical (and non-musical) projects.

The Octagon

The Octagon

STUDIO 1 “The Octagon”

Our largest space, The Octagon, is a unique creative suite designed for producers and artists to work in an open and accessible recording environment. With two isolation booths and an open floor plan, it’s the perfect space to capture ideas, experiment, and collaborate.

Room 1 is also equipped with a D&B 3D soundsystem, one of two in London. Please inquire if you’re interested in using this system!

Studio 2

Studio 2


Studio 2 is our fully equipped production room, complete with 24 channels of preamps and a thoughtful selection of outboard processing. Wired for complete connectivity with the adjacent Studio 1, this is a high-powered control room for larger live-tracking projects and more elaborate productions.

Studio 3

Studio 3


Studio 3 is a standalone production, post-production, and mixing suite, which can be wired to both Rooms 1 and 2 for isolated tracking. Equipped with an assortment of synths, pedals and drum machines, this room is ideal for those looking for writing sessions and for a sleek monitoring environment.



Interested in working with us? We schedule sessions with half-day, full-day, and extended lockout rates.

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equipment Overview

We take pride in our selection of audio and recording gear, from high-end outboard racks to a collection of vintage synthesizers. We’re always adding to our kit, and we’ll do our best to accommodate any specific needs.